Your Local Pantry

Your local pantry supplies. We’re not just a Butchers!

Your Local Pantry – Fruit and Vegetables

We provide the freshest seasonally available stock fresh from the local market. Doug is up bright and early twice a week. They visit Gateshead market before 6am to select the freshest produce to ensure you always get the best available. In addition Doug always encourages the team to taste everything first! From artichokes to apples! We select our vegetables by hand so if you are after a specific ingredient let us know and we can find it for you!

Your Local Pantry – Beer, Wine and Fizz

Whether you’re looking for a special occasion or something to accompany your evening meal, we have a collection of great products. Our aim is to deliver on taste and quality that exceeds the price-tag. Whilst we’re never going to compete with supermarkets on price, we will aim to find you something truly unique. We’ll even include tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Our beers are all made locally and are very popular with a pork pie!!

And there is more …

And there’s more! We offer a huge range of delicious products to accompany your food – including; Chutney, Jam, Gravy, Curry and Custard!

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