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3 for £10 range – choose any 3 packs
GF = Gluten Free
– Garlic and Herb Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Indian Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
— Coconut Chilli Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Salt and Pepper Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– African Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Honey and Mustard Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Greek Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Pesto with Mozzarella and Sundried Tomato Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Caribbean Marinated Chicken Breast x2 (GF)
– Chinese Plum Marinated Chicken Breast x2
– Pork and Leek Sausage (average 8 per pack)
– Italian Sausage (average 8 per pack) (GF)
– Lincolnshire Sausage (average 8 per pack)
– Beef Burgers x4
– Gourmet Steak and Onion Burger x2
– Gourmet Steak, Cheese and Spring Onion Burger x2
– Pork Sausages (average 8 per pack)

Steak Mince £11.69/kg
Stewing Steak (Diced) £12.39/kg
Braising Steak £13.38/kg
Beef Meatballs in Italian Herb and Tomato Sauce £9.99/kg
Fillet Steak £49.38/kg
Sirloin Steak £29.39/kg
Rib-eye Steak £26.99/kg
Rump Steak £22.99/kg
Boiling Beef (Jacobs Ladder or short ribs) £6.99/kg
Rib of Beef on the Bone – state number of ribs £15.39/kg
Rib of Beef Boned and Rolled £20.39/kg
Beef Stir Fry – Plum  £11.99/kg
Beef Wellingtons (individual) – with fillet steak and pate £5.20 each
Beef Shin (Boned) £12.39/kg
Topside Roasting Joint £14.39/kg
Sirloin Roasting Joint £27.39/100g
Brisket of Beef £11.38/kg
Beef Olives – with either Pork Sausage Meat or Sage and Onion £10.49/kg


Lamb Double Loin Chops £16.99/kg
Lamb Rib Chops £15.99/kg
Lamb Chops in Plum sauce with Sesame Seeds
Tandoori Lamb Chops
Lamb Meatballs in a Fruity Caribbean Sauce £11.99/kg
Lamb Neck Chops £9.99/kg
Lamb Leg Chops £17.99/kg
Lamb Mince £8.99/kg
Casserole Lamb £12.99/kg
Rack of Lamb (3 ribs – 1 per person)
Leg of Lamb £15.99/kg
Lamb Shoulder (whole and half) £9.99/kg


Thin Sausage £8.49/kg
Pork Sausage
Pork and Leek Sausage
Italian Sausage (gluten free) (£8.99/kg)
Lincolnshire Sausage

Thick Sausage £8.49/kg
Cumberland Sausage
Pork & Caramelised Onion Sausage
Pork, Black Pudding and Coriander

Pork, Bacon and Gammon
Dry Cure Bacon £10.49/kg
Dry Cured Smoked Bacon £10.99/kg
Streaky Bacon £7.89/kg
Smoked Streaky Bacon £8.49/kg
Gammon Joints £7.99/kg
Gammon Steaks £8.49/kg
Casserole Pork (Diced) £6.99/kg
Pork Steaks in Honey and Mustard Sauce £8.99/kg
Pork Chops £7.99/kg
Pork Mince £6.99/kg
Pork Tenderloin £12.99/kg
Black Pudding £4.49/kg
Pork Leg boned and rolled £8.49/kg
Pork Shoulder boned and rolled £6.99/kg
Pork shoulder on the bone
Ham Shanks £3.49/kg

Chicken and Poultry
Chicken Breast £10.99
Casserole Chicken £8.99/kg
Whole Chicken (Size as a guide – Small 1.2kg, Medium 1.8kg, Large 2.5kg) £
Chicken Legs – Plain
Chicken Legs Stuffed with Black Pudding Sausage and Marinated In Chilli
Chicken Kiev – Chicken Breast stuffed with garlic butter in a crispy crumb £11.99/kg
Mexican Chicken – Chicken Breast stuffed with Mozzarella, Jalapenos, Fajita Spices and Peppers in a crispy crumb £11.99/kg
Chicken Nuggets  (small tray feeds 2 people/ large tray 3-4 people) £10.49/kg
Mexican Chicken Nuggets £10.49/kg
Chicken Schnitzel £11.99/kg
Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry £7.99/kg
Duck Breasts (Plain) £4.99 each
Duck Breasts in Plum Sauce £4.99 each
Turkey Mince £11.99/kg
Rabbits (whole)
Spatchcock Chicken £7.49 – Lemon Pepper,
Spatchcock Chicken £7.49 Indian,
Spatchcock Chicken £7.49 Lemon Chilli


Steak Burger £1.29
Beef Burger 99p
Gourmet 6oz Steak, Cheddar Cheese and Spring Onion Burger £2.09 each
Gourmet 6oz Steak and Roasted Onion Burger £2.09 each


Individual Steak Pie £1.59
Medium Steak Pie £6.79 (serves 2-3 with puff pastry top)
Large Steak Pie £7.79 (serves 3-4 with puff pastry top)
Individual Mince Pie £1.59
Plate Mince Pie £3.09
Individual Creamy Chicken, Leek, Ham and Mushroom Pie £1.59
Individual Steak and Kidney £1.59
Individual Turkey and Ham £1.99
Corned Beef and Potato £3.09
Ham and Egg Plate Pie £2.89
Large Cottage (mince topped with mash and cheese) £2.99
Small Cottage (mince topped with mash and cheese) £1.99
Individual Steak and Mushroom £1.79
Small Pork Pie £1.30
Large Pork Pies £2.99
Small Steak and Ale £1.99
Large Steak and Ale £3.49
Cornish Pasty £1.20
Sausage Roll £1.20
Plain Scotch Egg £1.25
Caramelised Onion Scotch Egg £1.25
Black Pudding Scotch Egg £1.25
Cheese and Onion Quiche £2.59
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Quiche £2.59
Smoked Bacon, Feta and Red Onion Quiche £2.59
Morrocan Pie – Vegan £1.59
Sag Aloo Pie – Vegan £1.59

Homemade Crumbles  Apple and Berry £2.20
Homemade Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding £2.20
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Small £3.29, Large £5.89
Cartmel Sticky Chocolate Pudding £4.99
Custard £1.00

Tiger Loaf £2.49
Brown Crusty Loaf £2.69
Organic White Loaf £1.99
Fruit Scones 70p
Cheese Scones 70p
Tea Cakes 70p
x4 White Buns (large) £1.49
X4 Brown Buns (large) £1.49
Croissants 80p each

Cake Slices from Tray Bake £1.30 per slice
Caramel Shortbread
Peppermint Slice
Salted Caramel Brownie
Honeycomb Crunch
Paradise Flapjack
Cinder Rocky Road

Fresh Cream Cakes – (must be pre ordered by 11am day before) £1.79 each 
Chocolate Eclair
Strawberry Cream Tart
Peach Melba

See our Online Shopping Page to Order 

Fresh Prepared Sides (£1.20-£1.99)
Mediterranean Vegetables
Honey and Mustard Carrots and Parsnips
Mediterranean Baby Roast Potato
Garlic and Herb Baby Roast Potato
Sage and Onion Stuffing
Salt and Pepper Sweet Potato Wedges
Potato Dauphinoise
Bombay Baby Roast Potato
Garlic Mushrooms
Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheese Gratin


Butternut Squash
Washed Whites (2kg sack)
Jackets (2 or 4 per pack)
Baby Roast Potato
Chantannay Carrots
Savoy cabbage
Spring cabbage
White Cabbage
Sugar Snaps
Mango Tout
Baby Corn
Green Beans
Flat Mushrooms
Chestnut Mushrooms
Garlic Bulbs
Sweet Potato

Red Onions
Mixed Peppers
Tomato – plum Vine
Cherry Tomato – on the vine
Spring Onions

This week – From Thursday 11th February –
– Cod (2 fillets)
– Salmon (2 fillets)
– Smoked Haddock (2 fillets)
– Kippers (fillets)
– Samphire – roughly 100g pack

Meats & Pate
Cooked Ham £1.65/100g
Honey Roast Ham £1.99/100g
Roast Beef £2.09/100g
Roast Turkey £1.49/100g
Yorkshire Air Dried Ham £4.49 per pack
Smoked Air Dried Ham £4.99 per pack
Fennel and Pork Salami £4.29 per pack (12 slices) or sliced on request
Smoked Pork Salami £4.29 per pack (12 slices) or sliced on request
Pepperoni with Red Wine £4.49 per pack (12 slices)
N’Duja £2.99 per pack
Tongue – sliced £1.69/100g
Chorizo – by the slice or as a piece £1.79/100g
Brussels Pate – Smooth £0.89/100g
Ardennes Pate – Coarse £0.89/100g
Corned Beef £1.29/100g
Black Pudding £

Pease Pudding £0.99/100g
Coleslaw £0.99/kg
Cheese Savoury £0.99/100g

***NEW*** Olives – all £3.69 per pot
Sweet Basil and Garlic
Herb Olives
Nocellara del Belice
Antipasti Mix

French Brie 160g £2.99
Parmesan, £1.99/100g
Yorkshire Red £2.99/pack
Traditional Wensleydale £3.49/pack
Harrogate Blue £3.89 each
Yorkshire Blue £3.89 each
Feta, 250g £3.29
Yorkshire Halloumi, 250g £3.59
Kick Ass Mature Cheddar 200g £4.59
Traditional Wensleydale, 200g £3.49

Ready Meals £10.49/kg (we say roughly 250g per person) – please ask what we have on this week –
– Lasagne
– Beef Stroganoff
– Beef and Red Wine with Chantenay Carrots and Button Mushrooms
– Beef Bourignon
– Fish Pies – Large or Small
– Beef Goulash
– Mince and Dumplings
– Chunky Chilli
– Moroccan Lamb

***NEW*** HOT Roast Chicken Pack 
Must be Pre Ordered – 24 hours notice
-Small Chicken (serves 2-3 people) £6.30 (min 1kg)
-Medium Chicken (serves 3-4 people) £8.40 (min 1.5kg)
-Garlic and Herb Roast Potatoes £2.50  (min 500g)
-Coleslaw £2.50 (min 500g)
-Gravy £2

Flour – Plain
Flour – Self Raising
Milk (1 Litre Bottles) – Semi Skimmed
Fresh Orange Juice – Traditional Glass Bottles
Eggs £1.79
Custard £1.00

***NEW*** Yorkshire Pasta Company £3.20 per bag –
Penne – Little Tubes
Fusilli – Spindles like a Corkscrew
Conchigilie – or shells as we call them at home!
Tortiglioni – Similar to Rigatoni but with bigger groves to soak up more sauce!
Mezze Maniche – Ridged tubes of pasta almost as wide as they are long

Jams, Chutney and Sauces

Cottage Delight – Jams and 
Classic Orange Thin Cut Marmalade £2.99
Original Strawberry £3.49
Blackcurrant Whole Fruit £3.29
Pink Grapefruit Thick Cut Marmalade £3.15
Raspberry Jam £3.49
Morello Cherry Jam £3.49
While Blueberry Jam £3.49
Sunny Apricot Jam £3.29
Blood Orange Thin Cut Marmalade £3.29
Cherry Curd £3.99
Mango and Passion Fruit Curd £3.99

Cottage Delight – Chutney and Pickle
Poppadom Mango Chutney £3.29
Spiced Lime Pickle £3.45
Smooth English Mustard £3.49
Juicy Tomato Chutney £2.99
Chunky Chillilli Pickle £3.29
Craft Ruby Ale Chutney £2.99
Classic Cheeseboard Chutney £2.99
Crunchy Ploughman’s Chutney £3.29
Caramelised Onion Chutney £3.29
Sweet Apple Chutney £2.99
Indian Spiced Lime Pickle £3.49
Smoked Beetroot Chutney £3.29
Sweet Chilli Jam £2.99
English County Cider Chutney £3.29
Tomato, Garlic and Ginger Chutney £2.99
Date, Apple and Damson Chutney £3.90

Cottage Delight Sauces
French Dijon Mustard £3.29
Smooth English Mustard £3.49
Basil Pesto £4.99
Mint Sauce £2.59
French Wholegrain Mustard £3.29
Hot Horseradish £3.49
Juicy Red Currant Jelly £2.59
British Bramley Apple Sauce £2.59
Thai Sweet Chilli £3.20
British Beer BBQ Sauce £3.49
Peanut Satay Sauce £4.75
Nutty Brown Sauce £3.49

Hawkshead Relish Jam, Sauces and Chutney 
Strawberry and Black Pepper Jam £2.75
Lemon Curd £3.40
Pink Grapefruit and Marmalade Jam £2.75
Five Fruit Marmalade £2.75
Strawberry Daiquiri Jam £2.75
Raspberry and Vanilla Jam £2.75
Sour Cherry and Prosecco Jam £2.99
Fruity Cranberry Sauce £3.20
Kashmiri Tomato Chutney £3.90
Cheeseboard Chutney £3.90
Roasted Vegetable Relish £3.90
Bloody Mary Chutney £3.90
Mango Chutney £3.90
Piccallilli Pickle £4.45
Fiendlishly Hot Mustard £2.45
Bloody Mary Ketchup £2.99
Tomato Sauce £2.99
BBQ Sauce £2.99
Brown Sauce £2.99
Smoked Black Garlic Ketchup £4.99
Black Garlic Ketchup £4.99

Tweedside Honey
340g £5.49
227g £3.99
with Heather
340g £5.99
227g £3.99
227g £6.39

Madhuban Curry Sauces £3.49 each
Thai Green
Thai Red

Sauces for Steaks and Meat
£1.49 each –
Bearnaise, Peppercorn, Dianne, Mushroom, Stilton & Sweet Chilli

Gravy and Cooking Sauces – coming soon

Cullercoats Brewery Locally Brewed Beers and Ales £2.99 per bottle
– Shuggy BOAT Blonde ( citrus, fresh, dry) 3.9%
– Lovely Nelly (soft citrus malty session beer) 4%
– Grace Darling Gold (citrus smooth and hoppy) 5.1%
– Rocket IPA (amber, bittersweet, hoppy) 5.6% £2.00

Three Kings Brewery Bottled Ale £2.99 per bottle
– Apache, 5% American Pale Ale
– Silver Darling, 5.6% Pale Ale

White Wine
Catriona’s Chardonnay, Austraila £11.29
Niki Tika Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand £11.49
Fioroso Pinot Grigio, Italy £9.99

Red Wine
Cavadorra Cabernet Sauvignon, £8.99
Monte Haro Rioja, Spain  £12.49
Private Label Malbec, Argentina £11.99
Andrew’s Shiraz, Australia £11.19

Prosecco £10.99

Hepple Hin £39.99
Hepple Douglas Fir Vodka £32.99
Hepple Sloe Gin £29.99

Three Kings Brewery Mini Casks £25.00
West Coast Pale Ale – California Gold 4.8%
Amber Ale – Munich vs Vienna 4.5%
Pale Ale – Low Lights 3.9%
Stout – Darkside of the Toon 4.1%
Pale Ale – Silver Darling 5.6%
USA Blonde – Clever Chimp 4%

Hot Roast Chickens

Pre Order by 3pm on Wednesday – Collect HOT on Thursday between 1pm and 3pm
Small Chicken £6.30 (Serves 2-3 people min 1kg), Medium Chicken £8.40 (Serves 3-4 people min 1.5kg), Garlic & Herb Roast Potatoes £2.50 (Min 500g), Coleslaw £2.50 (Min 500g)

EMAIL YOUR ORDER using the form below.

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