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What Do We Sell?

Developing and cementing local field to plate partnerships with Northumberland farmers and the local auction mart has long been the clarion call at Nicholson’s Butchers.
  • Farmer Ivor Renton at High High Laws Farm in Morpeth.
  • Acklington Livestock Mart – Doug Nicholson hand picks the cattle himself.
Prime Beef & Lamb from:
  •  Farmer Brian Henderson in Ponteland
  •  Farmer Morris Graham in Morpeth – all totally organic.
* All Nicholson’s Beef & Lamb is from Northumbria, with quality assured, from delicious roasting joints to succulent steaks – in fact, all the cuts you could possibly want. SAUSAGES A sizzling stable of home-made delights, including old favourites such as pork, pork and leek, and Lincolnshire, plus more unusual flavours such as pork, coriander and black pudding, chorizo and lamb and apricot. FRESH FROM THE BAKERY
  • Pies and Pastries lovingly home-crafted in our on-site bakery using short crust and puff pastry. Larger sizes can also be made to order.
  • We can also personalise pork pies with 3 letters – mum, dad, initials etc – a unique birthday, anniversary or special occasion treat perhaps, or a great gift idea in general.
  • Plus cottage pies – made to order – quiches and Scotch eggs. For these, meat is hand formed around the eggs and then carefully tumbled in breadcrumbs. Scrumptious.
  • Freshly baked bread on Saturdays – can be ordered in advance. There’s nothing quite like the aroma and taste of freshly baked bread.
  • Our Cooked Meats are all roasted in-house. Beef, pork, turkey, boiled ham, honey roast ham and tongue to name a few.
  • Also on offer are Salami, Pepper Salami, Parma Ham, A Variety of Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes – check out our choices.
  • Other Home-Made Products include Coleslaw, Pease Pudding, Potato Salad, Cheese Savoury – to mention but a few.
CHRISTMAS Local Turkeys reared in spacious, open farm buildings with natural light and ventilation. We carefully select specialist traditional breeds that are grown slowly to maturity. This ensures the quality, flavour and succulence of the bird, together with a high proportion of breast meat. These are the ideal Christmas Turkeys. Also on Nicholson’s Christmas Menu – succulent, mouthwatering joints of beef, lamb and pork, ideal for roasting, plus home-made stuffing, chipolatas, cranberry sauce, fresh vegetables – and much, much more.
POULTRY Here are examples of our wide range of poultry we have to offer;
  • Free-Range Chickens
  • Cumbrian Chickens from the wonderfully named Frank Bird.
BACON & BLACK PUDDING At Nicholson’s, we home cure our bacon. Our extensive range includes delicious home dry-cured back bacon, sweet cure bacon and our very own home-made black pudding. It’s renowned near and far. BBQ
  • We have lots of home-made burgers – best steak, beef burgers, along with pork and apple.
  • Home-made Kebabs – for example, tikka, piri piri, lamb and mint, chilli beef – and more to tempt your tastebuds.
  • Specially developed by us for you. Examples include herb-crusted rack of lamb and chicken kievs – garlic butter portions are hand-placed in chicken portions and hand-breadcrumbed – and other cost-effective specials such as stuffed chicken with cheese, spring onions, tomato etc.
  • Along with our famous homemade individual beef Wellingtons – the perfect dinner party solution using the finest beef and Ardennes pate encased in a rich puff pastry.
  • And Ready Meals too: Lasagne, chilli, liver and onions, stroganoff, goulash and chicken curry. All prepared in-house in our upstairs bakery – all you have to do is pop them in the oven once you get home. They also freeze well. These products can also be made to order.
FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES The pick of the fresh seasonal vegetables, plus a small amount of fruit – all hand selected by either Doug or Kathryn at the local fruit and veg market. Guaranteed fresh every week. FOOD TO GO Mouthwatering hot roast pork and beef sandwiches, fresh home-made sandwiches, home-made soup, salad boxes, fruit salads, drinks, cakes and the like. Ideal at lunchtimes on the hoof.